Abstract Template ProGEO 2018
RECOMMENDATIONS: In the heading of your Abstract page please indicate your preferred of presentation (oral or poster) and the suggested session symbol (follow session symbols as proposed in the 2nd Circular, chapter SESSION SYMBOLS AND THEMES).

FILE FORMAT: MS Word (.doc or .docx file). Maximum length should not exceed 1,000 words (References included) and 2 printed pages. Page format A4; margins at 3 cm and 2.5 cm left and right margin respectively, 2.5 cm upper and lower margin.

Use Times New Roman 11 pt plain font; Multiple line spacing at 1.15; Justify alignment; Paragraph spacing at 0 pt before and 0 pt after.

KEY WORDS: Type 4-5 descriptive words. Use Times New Roman 10 pt bold font; Justify alignment; Paragraph group spacing at 12 pt before, 12 pt after.

: You may use indicative section names and type their names in bold, for example: Geological settings, Aims, Methods, Results, References (obligatorily).

: You may include maximally one of the items, with minimum resolution of 300 dpi. The item should match the width of a full page (160 mm) or the width of a single column (75 mm). Please insert tables or figures to the Abstract. Besides, submit your table or figure (jpg format, minimum resolution of 300 dpi) as a separate file. The following abbreviations should be used: Tab. for Table, Fig. for chart or photograph.

Colour figures, photos etc. will appear in black-and-white in the printed version of abstracts; the original colour figures will appear in the digital version.

: Use Times New Roman 10 pt, italics font; Justify alignment. Caption to the table should be placed above it. Caption to the figure should be placed below it.

: For the header (References) use Times New Roman 10 pt, bold font; Singe line spacing, Align left; Paragraph spacing at 12 pt before, 0 pt after).
For mode of references notation use Times New Roman 10 pt plain font; Single line spacing; Justify alignment; Paragraph spacing at 0 pt before, 0 pt after.

: The type of presentation (oral/poster) will be decided by the organizing and scientific committees.  

Note, only abstracts by authors who have payed conference fee will be put forward.

All accepted abstracts will be compiled into a printed and PDF Symposium Handbook. A digital version of the abstracts and the meeting’s final programme will be available on the symposium website.

Any questions or requests concerning abstracts should be emailed to the Organizers at 9thprogeo@uw.edu.pl

: Abstract (.doc or .docx file) and additional table/ figure jpg file (optional; resolution of 300 dpi) should be submitted as separate files via symposium website (www.conference-eceg.pl).

15th of March, 2018: abstract submission
30th of April, 2018: abstract acceptance


POSTER FORMAT: Poster should be A0 format (portrait).

The Lecture Hall is provided with 1 multimedia projector; system programme Windows 10; presentation programme Power Point 2013.
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